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Phi was founded as a specialist Summit consultancy in 2004. Now leveraging nearly two decades of experience we are recognised worldwide as the leading provider of Summit services.

Our Summit credentials are unparalleled. Our consultants have experience in all versions of Summit over more than 20 years, combined with unmatched client-side experience across the most highly customised Summit estates.

We have been in partnership with the vendor since 2014. With the highest level of accreditation of any of Finastra’s Summit services providers, we became the preferred partner for Managed Services and Implementations in 2022.

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Why partner with Phi for Summit services?

Phi was formed with initial hires of globally recognised Summit experts and we are proud to employ the leading Summit experts in the market. Our consultants are certified under Finastra’s FCA and FCI programmes.  When it comes to Summit there is nothing we have not seen and no problem we cannot solve. 

We were the first provider to build a nearshore Summit capability and today we provide the most complex of projects and services from nearshore without loss of quality. 

We have the latest versions of the Summit software in our delivery centre. Our subject-matter-experts are familiar with the newest features in advance of our clients. And we bring an understanding of application best-practice across both functional and technical lines, born from our unique inside perspective on the most complex Summit installations in the world. 

The result? We deliver again and again for our clients who choose to remain with us in the long term. 

Providing a comprehensive range of specialist services designed for your unique requirements.
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Meet Dirk Apel
Partner, Summit Delivery

“A successful Summit project requires collaboration, outstanding communication skills, and market-leading expertise. Phi’s Summit teams combine all of these time and time again. It’s a pleasure to work with the best in the industry every single day and to know our clients are happy.”

Dirk has been working in banking IT since 1996, including for businesses such as Sal. Oppenheim, JP Morgan and West LB. He has in-depth experience as a project lead for large-scale transition projects and was the Chair of the German Summit user group from 2010-2013.
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Phi offers two specialist products, specifically designed for Summit in partnership with Finastra

Are you struggling to find the specialist Summit skills you need to maximise the ROI from your application?