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Summit’s quantitative impact simulation of the switch from Libor to Risk Free Rates.

ModiPhi seamlessly and transparently simulates the switch from LIBOR rates to replacement Risk Free Rates according to your specific requirements, without physically amending your trades, and using your existing pricing and risk framework.

An in-memory data simulation tool for Summit, designed for Libor transition.

ModiPhi allows you to simulate the switch to RFR on your portfolio without updating or rebooking your deals.  Our solution applies your transition rules to your trade data, and you continue running your own analytics with your own pricing models and yield curves.  Simulations are simply switched on for any Summit or bespoke process:  on-screen, batch processes, even interfaces. 

Benefits for your business:

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Data-level simulation

Compatible with your models and your choice of analytics.



No physical trade modification is required, and simulation can be switched on or off in the same environment.

Highly flexible

Specially designed configuration designed to support complex Libor-transition methodology across both forward and discount indexes.

Process agnostic

Any process – core or bespoke – can be optionally run under simulation for risk free rates.

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Broad coverage

Swap, Swaption, Cap/Floor, Exotic, FRA, Bond and Money Market trades, including product formulas.

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Standard, native Summit user security applied throughout with no physical updates to your business data.

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Bespoke reports for P&L and sensitivity impact analysis, as well as the ability to measure sensitivity to the spread adjustment and imply a credit spread for a zero PV impact across a portfolio.

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Simple to install, configure, maintain or extend – we even provide you the source code.

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