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Risk, Data & Analytics Technology Services

Phi brings decades of experience in designing and delivering technical solutions for risk management. 

Our clients benefit from our expertise and guidance towards successful delivery of their risk management and data strategy.

Risk management solutions architecture

Our risk and data SMEs work alongside your risk managers, traders, quants and technologists to design, implement and maintain front and bank office risk management solutions at any scale.

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Data warehousing, data lakes and data fabrics

Using ETL and LET techniques to source, categorise, standardise and store risk and valuation data, along with big data solutions such as NoSQL and NewSQL.

Comprehensive asset-class valuation and risk metric coverage

In-depth knowledge of asset classes across FX, Credit, Rates, Commodities and Equities, whether flow or structured products.

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Risk and data aggregation and presentation

Experience of many techniques in risk management for processing risk and other data, both in batch and ad-hoc mode, using technologies such as Apache Spark and Atoti to provide reliable and optimal risk data.

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Broad technology expertise

Including Python, Java, C++, distributed and cloud compute, Snowflake, Dremio, Apache Spark, Atoti, MongoDB, JavaScript-based UX.

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Atoti expertise

ActiveViam partners and specialist service providers for Atoti expertise both onshore and nearshore.

Why work with Phi for Risk and Data Analytics Technology?

Phi operates on a global level: full subsidiaries in EU, US & APAC. Our onshore / nearshore model allows for low-cost project delivery at any scale.  With niche expertise and service delivery management possible both on-site where you are, and remotely from our ISO-certified centres-of-excellence.

Phi can scale at pace – providing cross-functional delivery teams of 50+ in just a few months:  always specialist, and without compromise on quality.

We understand global capital markets. We understand your core technology challenges. Whether you require advisory services, end-to-end project delivery, managed services, or simple resource augmentation, Phi can provide you with the specialist expertise to suit you.  

Our technical teams can take on greenfield, brownfield or legacy solutions to help you focus on what is most important to your business without the overheads of resourcing, management, and governance.

Providing a comprehensive range of specialist services designed for your unique requirements.

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