Vendor Technology

Front Arena Services

Phi has been in partnership with FIS since 2018; a global partner since 2020.  

With our portfolio of service offerings and our global reach, we are proud to be the go-to supplier for quality and cost-effective Front Arena services.

Why partner with Phi for Front Arena services?

Our Front Arena consultants are certified according to the FIS’s accreditation programme.  

With our own software instance, we have access to the latest versions and models ahead of our clients.  Our consultants have direct access to the Front Arena knowledge base and online training through the Front Arena Boarding Pass programme.

Phi operates entirely in the niche domain of capital markets consulting and our consultants have a detailed understanding of the front-to-back business processes.  

Our specialist Front Arena technical and functional consultants understand how Front Arena is configured, customised, optimised, and integrated to enable these processes.  

Providing a comprehensive range of specialist services designed for your unique requirements.

Are you struggling to find the specialist Front Arena skills you need to maximise the ROI from your application?