Vendor Technology

Murex Services

Phi has been providing specialist Murex Services for more than 15 years and has been a Murex partner since 2014.  

As a niche consultancy specialised in major third party trading technology, Phi expects and understands the complexity that comes with the broad and deep functionality of the Murex platform, tailored and integrated according to each bank’s unique requirements.

Why partner with Phi for Murex services?

As a Murex partner, Phi has access to the Murex embedment programme and our consultants are trained and certified by the vendor.  

Phi operates entirely in the niche domain of capital markets consulting and our consultants have a detailed understanding of the front-to-back business processes. Our specialist Murex technical and functional consultants understand how Murex is configured, customised, optimised, and integrated to enable these processes.  

Our clients benefit not only from our product expertise but also from our unique perspective across the most complex of cross-asset technology environments.

Providing a comprehensive range of specialist services designed for your unique requirements.

Are you struggling to find the specialist Murex skills you need to maximise the ROI from your application?