Home Insights Want to unlock full value from Summit? Find out how Summit PaaS works.

Want to unlock full value from Summit? Find out how Summit PaaS works.


If you work in the world of capital markets technology, you are likely to be familiar with the challenges associated with the implementation and management of the Summit trading platform. Fragile and inflexible legacy infrastructure, demanding upgrade cycles, complex integrations and an ongoing battle to find and retain the right Summit specialists are just some of the challenges that may spring to mind.

The reality is that the current Summit approach breeds stress, inefficiency and resource-drain, limiting your ability to innovate.

Summit Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) by Phi Partners is the solution. Embracing our full end-to-end service is the key to unlocking the benefits of cloud-enabled capital markets technology without suffering the frustrations of the Summit status quo.

End-to-end simplicity

Phi’s Summit PaaS offering was borne out of a simple truth: there is a smarter way to manage Summit. For example, you don’t hire experts with the intention of deploying their talents to simply keep the show on the road, adding little value for your business.  And yet, with Summit, that scenario is all too common.

With Summit PaaS, Phi’s specialised Summit and cloud consultants take on the burden of every aspect of your Summit solution, helping you maximise the benefits of a fully-performant platform. From app to infra, across support and change, our end-to-end service covers proactive management of your single-tenant cloud platform, database and Summit itself, including all your unique customisations, interfaces and batch processes.

Appointing a single, specialised vendor to handle Summit and its supporting infrastructure can free up your experts to focus on your core business functions. 

Replacing the multi-party model with joined-up thinking

A key issue with the Summit status quo, particularly when working within a multi-party model, stems from blurred lines that inevitably emerge. Unclear responsibilities between application and infrastructure, and between support and change teams, lead to a lack of transparency and accountability, which can result in blame games and costly inefficiencies. The end-to-end service provided by our mutualised teams means our clients only have to deal with one vendor, eliminating the headaches of trying to manage multiple third parties.

Phi is unique in that we provide everything in-house, so have full visibility over the entire Summit architecture. Putting your platform in the hands of a single vendor enables a joined-up approach that brings about coordinated roadmaps, proactive improvements and helps prevent communication issues and inefficiencies.

Working with our experts gives you complete peace of mind. Having decades’ experience in the most complex Summit environments, our specialists employ unparalleled knowledge and insight. They’re able to understand not just how the entire tech stack works, but also bring wider sector knowledge and an understanding that each organisation’s specific needs are different. 

Agility, scalability and support on demand

Maintaining an in-house Summit team poses a double-edged challenge in that workloads are unmanageable during peak demand and it is difficult to implement cost-saving measures when things are quiet or your business-needs change. A similar capacity conundrum is true of traditional infrastructure models too, which are slow and expensive to scale.

Summit PaaS circumvents both these challenges. Our nearshore delivery model allows us to offer world leading experts on demand and – through the provision of a bespoke, Well-Architected cloud infrastructure – we offer scalable computing resource whenever you need it.

Not only does this flexibility vastly improve agility and reduce time to market, it also brings significant cost benefits because you need only pay for talent or computing resource when it is required.  

The entire service is backed up by guaranteed SLAs, ITIL-4-compliant processes and robust service governance that ensures ongoing improvements to your application and cloud platform. Evergreening comes as standard, with annual Summit updates, enabled by automation, helping to future-proof your business and eradicate the stresses of endless upgrade cycles and user testing.

A better, more cost-effective way

From Tier 1 banks to local institutions, every Summit PaaS client gets a best-practice service from Phi honed through decades of experience in the most complex Summit environments. Our comprehensive and scalable delivery model offers a cost-effective tonic to all the disadvantages of the current Summit landscape. 

Chief Solutions Officer at Phi Partners, Helen Saunders, says, “Summit PaaS is a high-quality service from a single provider that understands your challenges and how to solve them; it represents extremely good value.”

Want to learn more about why Summit PaaS is a one-stop shop for all your Summit needs?