Implementation Services

As your implementation partner, Phi will guarantee the delivery of your chosen major trading application into production, on time, with your business requirements completely satisfied.

Implementation Services

Our delivery teams are always specialist experts, from the programme manager down. We begin with a rigorous discovery process to elicit your detailed requirements, and give you a solution design that meets your unique needs while staying true to best practice, simplicity and standardisation.  

Our project approach is optimised to minimise business impact and maximise return on investment. Our delivery plans are realistic – and we stick to them.  Our standard governance framework inspires confidence – bringing transparency, accountability and effective decision making. We have the confidence to guarantee your application implementation at a fixed price.

Why choose Phi partners?

Phi has been delivering greenfield trading system implementations for nearly two decades.   This experience, and the unparalleled application expertise of our consultants informs our project approach.

Phi is accredited by the leading vendors, and our clients benefit from our vendor partnerships.  However, we are completely independent and our clients trust us for impartial advice and guidance.  

Phi brings the leading application experts with a defined process to elicit your unique requirements:  we know what to ask, and we know how to guide you.  We translate your requirements into a functional and technical design that is fit-for-purpose:  configured to handle your complexity, fit for the future, and yet never over-engineered.   Your success criteria inform an actionable plan that ensures your business is satisfied with our results.  

The result:  an implementation that is on-time, exceeding business expectation, and which maximises the value of your chosen application. Phi delivers on our promises.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions of quality, according to the agreed schedule – continuously exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Talk to one of our specialists today and see how our implementation services can support your business objectives.