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Summit Data Management with PuriPhi

Achieve more than a 70% reduction in the size of your Summit database with corresponding increase in performance, all with no loss of data and no loss of functionality.

Our industry leading Summit online data archiving solution enables your business to improve performance and reduce costs, and yet retain on-line access to all of your Summit data, in one simple step.

PuriPhi is unique in the market: designed for Summit by Summit experts, and offered in partnership with Finastra.

PuriPhi enables efficient online data archiving – driving performance improvement and cost reduction. PuriPhi can be integrated into your existing infrastructure, with no impact on your users who retain full access to all of your data, seamlessly re-combined.  Our solution works with your unique client data extensions and with any Summit version, even as the data model changes. 

How PuriPhi is different

Any data archiving strategy is traditionally a balancing act:  hardware cost savings and improved performance on the one hand, with loss of easy and meaningful access to data on the other.   

PuriPhi is the unique solution to addresses this challenge:  managing your data retention requirements flexibly, transparently and safely, and yet giving you seamless access to both your live and archived data, with no loss of functionality.

Core benefits for your business
Beyond being a necessary component of your best-practice operating model, our archiving solution offers significant, predictable and measurable benefits for your business.

  • Performance improvements 
  • Up to 80% storage cost reduction
  •  Savings multiplied over all of Summit environments
  • Simplified Summit upgrades
  • Reduced operational risk
  • All data types including trades, account postings, documents, STP results and market data
  • Compatible with your data model extensions
  • Robust and secure
  • Simple to install, configure and maintain
  • All Summit versions, Windows and Linux, Oracle and SQL Server.
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