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Sophis / Fusion Invest Services

Phi provides world-class Sophis / Fusion Invest services to our global clients, both buy-side and sell-side, from short term specialist advisory engagements through to multi-year Application Managed Services. 

Certified by Finastra, our consultants are expert in the latest functional modules, the API toolkit, the system architecture, the data model, and wider relevant technologies. We understand your business and have front-to-back delivery capabilities, cross-asset, sell-side and buy-side.

Join the managed service revolution
– Sophis / Fusion Invest PaaS

Enhance your trading environment through a flexible, scalable and higher performing solution, delivered through the cloud.

Why partner with Phi for Fusion Invest services?

Phi is the only recognised Finastra partner for Fusion Invest and Sophis, covering both Managed Services and Implementations worldwide. Our consultants are certified at FCA and FCI level. 

With a global workforce we can react quickly to provide specialist Fusion services, onshore and nearshore, for competitive rates on a variety of commercial models.   

From simulation, order raising and execution, through matching, settlement and reconciliation, to risk scenarios and the latest features in the Analytics Factory: our consultants understand how to enable your business processes with optimised Fusion Invest solutions. 

With unmatched client-side experience, Phi understands the complexity that comes with highly integrated and highly customised implementations. We bring a wealth of ‘best practice’ experience to our solution design and service delivery.  

Phi has a deep understanding of the underlying Fusion Invest technology and as our client you will benefit from our ability to design an architecture to best meet your strategic needs.

Providing a comprehensive range of specialist services designed for your unique requirements.
Edouard Senhaji, Head of Sophis Services, a dark-haired professional smiling at the camera against a wide blue header
Meet Edouard Senhaji
Head of Sophis Services

“I always say there are no problems, but only solutions. My primary concerns will always be maintaining quality, assuring delivery, controlling costs, and learning from experience. I take a special interest in sharing my knowledge to grow the next generation of Fusion Invest experts, especially as part of our annual graduate programme”

Edouard joined Phi in July 2019 and has extensive professional experience in finance, particularly in Asset Management. Most recently, Ed has lead our Sophis division and oversees client implementations, migrations, and managed services.
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Are you struggling to find the specialist Fusion Invest skills you need to maximise the ROI from your application?