Cloud Technology

Cloud Services

Phi offers a fully comprehensive set of Cloud Services from short-term advisory to multi-year managed services.

We will implement or migrate your solutions onto Azure or AWS using ‘best of breed’ frameworks with Agile project delivery.

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Managed Services

Proactive, 24/7, end-to-end operation of your vendor or bespoke solutions on Azure or AWS. Flexible and transparent cost models using mutualised nearshore services, based on consumption against SLAs.

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Public Cloud Migrations

Migration of applications and infrastructure to Azure or AWS. Includes assessment of the ‘as-is’ IT landscape under consideration for public cloud migration, cost/benefit analysis and business case preparation, solution design, transformation programme execution, testing and go-live. Migrations are executed utilising Agile project management practices and the Azure and AWS migration frameworks, applied by qualified and certified cloud solution architects, engineers and project managers.

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Public Cloud Solution Design and Implementation

Design and implementation of public cloud architecture and innovative solutions, using agile delivery frameworks and industry best practices. Delivered by experienced, fully trained and certified teams on a cost- effective mixed onsite/near-shore model.

Landing Zone Deployment

Set-up of environment for running secure and scalable workloads, tailored to your industry and organisation’s requirements.

Cloud Strategy, Advisory & Consulting

Support for customer-driven and delivered transformations and migrations to Public Cloud, with expert advice and support across all phases of your cloud transformation journey:

– Business case development
– Solution architecture design assessment
– Implementation and implementation support
– Operational modelling
– Definition and operation of cloud Centre of Excellence
– Practical application of IAC and CI/CD practices
– Security assessments and remediation
– Optimisation strategies for measuring, monitoring and improving costs
– Proofs-of-concept

Head of Public Cloud Services, Nikos Terizakis, in front of a blue background
Meet Nikos Terizakis
Head of Public Cloud Services
Nikos joined Phi as the Head of Public Cloud Services and leads our Cloud Practice, developing our capability in providing Cloud advisory, project and managed services especially around our PaaS offering on Summit and Sophis. He is an IT industry veteran, with a career that spans the last 30 years, mostly in the Professional Services sector. The last 6 years he has focused in Public Cloud services and AWS.
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Why work with Phi for cloud?

Phi operates on a global level: full subsidiaries in EU, US and APAC. Our onshore / nearshore model allows for low-cost project delivery at any scale.  With niche expertise and service delivery management possible both on-site where you are, and remotely from our ISO-certified centres-of-excellence.

We can scale at pace – providing cross-functional delivery teams of 50+ in just a few months: always specialist, and without compromise on quality.

We understand global capital markets. We understand your core technology challenges. Whether you require advisory services, end-to-end project delivery, managed services, or simple resource augmentation, Phi can provide you with the specialist expertise to suit you.

Our technical teams can take on greenfield, brownfield or legacy solutions to help you focus on what is most important to your business without the overheads of resourcing, management, and governance.

Providing a comprehensive range of specialist services designed for your unique requirements.

Are you struggling to find the specialist Cloud technology skills you need?