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Graduate Programme

About the Phi Graduate Programme

Phi’s Graduate Programme welcomes exceptionally talented graduates of Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics to join our expert financial services technology consultancy.

You will join Phi as part of a community of graduates – like-minded, talented young people with whom you will form not just professional but also social bonds that may last a lifetime.

Graduate Programme
What to expect

Under our two-year programme, our graduates begin their journey at Phi with four to six weeks of intensive classroom-based training, delivered by our business and technical experts.

After the intensive training, you will join your first client-facing team as Junior Consultant, and you will be assigned a Learning Buddy, a senior colleague who will help you navigate these first steps of your career.

Your training doesn’t stop there. You will continue formal training over the two years, and we will make sure time is made available for this.

In parallel with the experience that you gain in your client role, we will give you the support you need to develop the all-round consulting skills necessary for promotion to consultant at the end of the two-year programme.

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Graduate Scheme
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At Phi we pride ourselves that all our employees – including the most senior subject matter experts – are friendly and approachable. With a focus on teamwork and knowledge sharing, we value every employee and their ongoing learning and development.

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We are passionate about what we are accomplishing here at Phi. We’re dedicated and authentic, and we encourage everyone to be seen and heard. Join us now and be a part of our bright future.
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