Sophis / Fusion Invest PaaS.
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Sophis / Fusion Invest PaaS


Join the service revolution with Phi Partners and unlock the full value of Sophis / Fusion Invest. Our Platform-as-a-Service brings you the benefits of automation and the on-demand infrastructure of the cloud to deliver an evergreened solution that’s secure, scalable and cost-effective.

Combining world-leading expertise in cloud and application technology with unrivalled understanding of the trading sector, we can help you maximise the ROI from your solution. Reduce your time to market and free up innovation, all through a single, packaged service.

Sophis / Fusion Invest PaaS: An introduction.

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Sophis / Fusion Invest PaaS can do for you.

Partnering with you, through
cloud-enhanced service delivery

For two decades now, the world’s leading financial institutions have worked with us in close, trusted partnership. When it comes to cloud transformation and service delivery for Sophis and Fusion Invest, our clients depend upon our world-leading expertise and peerless industry knowledge.

They know we have the skills, experience and judgement to implement a connected technology strategy, and that we will keep them up to speed with the latest innovations and regulatory compliance.

What Sophis / Fusion Invest PaaS can do for you

There comes a time when you need to discard legacy infrastructure and obsolete delivery models in order to progress. That time is now. We can help you transform to a higher performing, more scalable and resilient trading environment. Our cloud-enabled Platform-as-a-Service negates the need for costly investments in physical infrastructure and significantly reduces both operating cost and time to market for change.

Regain control with support services delivered against SLAs, freeing up your experts for innovation and value creation. Know that you can call on our expert change services, whenever you need specialist skills or extra capacity.

Our nearshore, mutualised service delivery model provides access to all of our expertise and capabilities, in a cost-efficient model where you pay only for what you need.

Service features

World-leading expertise

Unlock world-beating cloud and application expertise. Call on the support you need no matter the context, for both day to day assistance and the delivery of complex change programmes.

Consumption-based pricing

Our service is scalable and flexes to meet your needs. From specialist support to on-demand testing environments, you only pay for what you need.

Advanced automation

Cut costs and lower your risk profile by applying automation across your application and infrastructure. From automated testing to infrastructure as code, we reduce time to market, easing the efforts from your business users and accelerating the benefits.


Regular upgrades to your application and the supporting infrastructure are included as standard, keeping you in line with the latest innovation from the providers.

Cloud technology

Realise the benefits of scalable architectures and on-demand environments. Say goodbye to CapEx investment, legacy infrastructure and long lead times.

Proven target architectures

With experience of some of the most customised and integrated applications, we’ve helped countless financial institutions develop optimal system architectures for Sophis and Fusion Invest. And we understand how to apply that thinking to cloud environments.

Seamless and secure service delivery

We apply robust SLAs, our processes are compliant with the ITIL-4 managed service framework, and we deliver from ISO-27001-certified facilities. You receive a comprehensive, tailored service that’s fully secure and always aligned to best-practice.

Five core reasons why Sophis / Fusion Invest PaaS is a smarter solution

Download our infographic to find out how our Platform-as-a-Service for Sophis / Fusion Invest can enhance your trading tech. Experience greater flexibility, speedier response times, platform evergreening, lower total cost of ownership and expert support, among other key benefits.

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We’re proud to deliver services to some of the world’s leading financial institutions
Join the service revolution and unlock the full value of your trading solution

    Exceptional expertise

    We take pride in having been awarded partner status by Finastra for Sophis and Fusion Invest managed services and implementations. This formal recognition cements Phi’s position as the leading provider of specialist Sophis and Fusion Invest services globally.


    At Phi we have the experience, the ambition, the scale and the hands-on expertise to act as your trusted partner for niche services across bespoke capital markets technology estates.