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Euro Tower is certified LEED Zero Carbon!

Euro Tower, home to Phi’s nearshore centre in Romania, is the first building in the country to be certified LEED Zero Carbon!

Euro Tower has been Phi’s home in Romania for more than 10 years.  We are proud to have been one of the first tenants, and delighted that our building has become the first LEED Zero Carbon development in Romania!  This comes more than a decade after being the first green-certified building in Romania and follows three successive years of net zero carbon, calculated including the Phi premises.

December 2021

Euro Tower office building becomes the first Net Zero Carbon development in Romania, after being also the first green-certified building in the country, a decade earlier, in 2009.

The project reached the level of carbon neutrality in 2019, as well as in 2020, according to a study realized by BuildGreen for the assessment of the building’s degree of CO2 emissions during that period.

Decarbonizing the carbon footprint of a building requires the use of all materials and technologies capable of ensuring energy efficiency and minimizing CO2 emissions, implementing the most efficient solutions for building construction and operation, as well as the offset of CO2 emissions that are impossible to eliminate or to control in the development process (e.g. generated by tenants through their normal activity, emissions generated by water supply and sewerage).

As a differentiating factor for Euro Tower in the decarbonization process, the offset included in addition to the building’s carbon footprint also the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the building’s Tenants, benefiting them directly.

Another differentiator is that all CO2 emissions are calculated and compensated in order to reach all 3 scopes, according to GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) – Given that, globally, most companies are primarily concerned with scopes 1 and 2, scope 3 being the biggest challenge of the moment in all decarbonization strategies (CO2 emissions from suppliers of materials or services, or other sources difficult to control).

Euro Tower is one of the landmark office buildings for class A developments in Bucharest, Euro Tower obtained the BREEAM Very Good certification, becoming the first building in Romania to be officially confirmed as being Green according to global sustainable development methodologies.

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