Functional Front Arena Developer
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Our current client is a major Swedish financial institution who predominantly focuses their businesses within banking for corporate, and private customers as well as Fixed Income and Equities trading. They are headquartered in Stockholm, but have a wide presence across Northern Europe with offices in financial locations such as the Nordics overall, UK and Netherlands, being the most notable of them. With almost €295 billion AUM and more than 12 000 employees, they are a powerful player in the financial markets.

They are planning to undertake a comprehensive front to back upgrade of their Front Arena system across Treasury and Capital Markets. They are upgrading from FA 2017 to the brand new FA 2021. The adaptability, the high investment in risk from FIS, and the general stability of Front Arena along with the RFR coming with the core system of the newer Front Arena versions, makes a full upgrade highly desirable for our client. This upgrade will also go alongside a brand new Sec Lending suite implementation to replace their legacy Foresight software with a Front Arena solution.

We are looking for a Functional Front Arena Developer with a minimum of 7 years of Front Arena experience to work on-site with the local teams from the Bank and FIS. You will take part in upgrading the existing extensions as well as creating new ones using AEF/AEL and Python. It will be needed to assist in creating custom columns for all their existing and new products that will be set up, and additionally the products will need to be set up in RFR as the bank is transitioning away from IBOR in line with the global benchmark reform.

The ideal candidate will have great understanding of the Front Arena system, the architecture and how it works. Especially the functionalities of Prime and its connected components. This will also include excellent Python 3 and ADFL capabilities. An understanding covering most asset classes is beneficial, with its adhering risk calculations (VaR, Greeks, volatility etc) is beneficial. In particular OTC derivatives, Credit derivatives, FRN, Equity, and IRS. Experience with IBOR to RFR project is highly advantageous, especially if you have had any exposure to SONIA. Knowledge of the Sec Lending solution in Prime is very desirable.

You will be stepping into the project at a critical point, positioning yourself as a valuable asset for future projects and extensions, liaising with heads of desks and users. You will be working on-site with one of the newest versions of Front Arena that is available, located in Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities Scandinavia has to offer, working with fantastic local teams.
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