We are actively committed to good corporate citizenship.
We are actively committed to good corporate citizenship.
Phi Partners is actively committed to good corporate citizenship, through a range of charity and sports based sponsorship. At the beginning of the 2016/17 European ski season, we began sponsoring Molly Butler, a young and highly gifted British ski champion of tomorrow. She’s currently British under-12 female champion.
Molly, making it look easy by working hard.
Why Is Phi Partners Supporting Molly?

Molly Butler is a very young athlete – still just 10 years old. But already she is emerging as an extraordinary talent in junior skiing. Molly lives out our belief that, whether in sport or business, talent needs to be matched by hard work, dedication and cast iron refusal to be prevented from achieving the very best you are capable of. Every second spent competing on the slopes, and every moment on the winners’ podium, is the direct result of hundreds of hours of grueling training and practice. Above all, the excellent results Molly is already achieving prove that, in a competitive world, what can really make the difference is your own competitive spirit.

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Molly Butler takes gold – a proud moment for Team Molly and our brand!
How Was The 2016/17 Season For Molly?
In a word, outstanding. As the roll of honour below confirms, Molly has spent a lot of well deserved time on the winners’ podium this season, as the result of some extraordinary performances for such a young competitor.
Molly Butler 2016/17 Roll of Honour
These are the podium places Molly achieved this season in U12 Girls competitive skiing:
Anglo/Scottish Cup, Pila Italy GS 2nd Combi 3rd Welsh Championships,Les Crozets Switzerland GS 2nd SL 1st
British Inter Schools, Pila Italy GS 2nd SL 1st
IAPS Schools, Passo Tonale, Italy GS 1st
French Races U12 Girls
Conta Kids Cup Duel SL Les Contamines, France Night Race 1st
JB Cup combined SG and SL Valloire, France 2nd
Molly also came 4th in the Coupe D'argent in Combloux, setting the fastest time in the second run against the best French girls from the 2006 age group.
What Does The Future Hold?
Molly is currently ahead of the game as far as a potential Olympic career is concerned. The Winter Olympics in 2026 would be the target, with being selected for the British team happening before then.
What Example Does Molly Give To Phi Partners?

Here’s Our ‘Perfect 10’.
Molly’s outstanding achievements on the slopes have some valuable lessons for all of us at Phi Partners. They add up to a ‘Perfect 10’.
1. Have a dream.
You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t identify somewhere to go.
2. Know that ‘good’ is the enemy of ‘great’.
Never settle for ‘good’ or ‘good enough’. Great – being the very best that you can in every situation – is the only worthwhile benchmark.
3.Punch above your weight.
Others may be bigger, stronger or more experienced. But you can do what they do, and more, if you are prepared to stand up and engage with the challenges around you.

4.Work hard.
Nothing worthwhile and lasting comes without hard work. And you have to work your hardest when things are at their toughest.
5.Work smart.
Couple hard work with the best training and techniques and it will really pay off.
6.Learn from success.
Success isn’t the end. It’s your cue to work even harder the next time around. Enjoy it because you deserve it. But don’t enjoy it too much.
7.Learn even more from failure.
Failure isn’t the end either. With the right attitude and perspective, it contains the seeds of learning. And even if you’ve failed this time, you’ve still won experience.

8.Show respect.
Nobody wins alone. Your team, your supporters, the people around you, they’re all part of the winning difference. Acknowledge their contributions. Respect them for the part they play in enabling you to be who you are.
9.Play AND Rest.
You can’t function to the max 24/7. Truly productive uptime demands restorative downtime.
10.Have fun.
In spite of all the challenges and the hard work, you need what you do to be rewarding and fundamentally right for you.

We will be actively promoting these learning points through the year ahead and throughout Phi Partners. And, going forward, we wish Molly every success!