Our expert ActivePivot team is led by Andrei Rusu. Andrei brings deep technical insight and team leadership and commercial experience to his role with Phi Partners. His knowledge of a wide range of technologies is strengthened by study to Masters level in computer science and specialist applications. At Phi Partners, Andrei is in charge of a team of highly skilled specialists based in the UK and Bucharest.
Delivery History
Phi Partners’ ActivePivot expertise has gained immediate traction meeting the complex needs of our financial markets clients. Our current delivery activity includes a number of advisory and implementation projects for Tier 1 banks. One of the most demanding and impressive of these is a complete global FX real time reporting system that we are currently bringing online for an international institution.
Phi Partners’ ActivePivot consulting spans a range of specific offers, from advisory input to version upgrades and complete risk and pricing solutions development. We also leverage our DevOps approach to help deliver applications of the technology in areas including advanced regulatory reporting and enablement of enhanced collateral management and optimisation.
Our technical understanding of ActivePivot, combined with our knowledge of the business imperatives it addresses, supports our clients across the spectrum from staff augmentation to full solution development. And our highly cost-effective on- and nearshore expertise frees up clients’ internal resources to focus on other demands.
• System Selection
• Management & Planning
• Integration
• Implementation
• Enhancing
• Upgrades
• Testing
• Training
• Monitoring
• Support Services
• Health Check
• Staff Augmentation
Case Studies
Expertise is only as useful as the experience that underlies it. Phi Partners’ Summit consulting has successfully delivered more than 50 complex and challenging projects for global and regional financial institutions.
Case Study -
Global Banking Corporation delivers real time PnL Reporting
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