PuriPhi is our industry leading Summit online archiving solution: one simple step to improve performance and reduce costs with no loss of data.
Why you need PuriPhi

Is your Summit performance ever worsening? Are your users unhappy? Are your SLA’s for batches and interfaces becoming more of a challenge to meet? Are your data cost spiralling? Across your entire Summit estate of development, test and production, how much are you paying for storage of data you don’t routinely need? With PuriPhi, you can maximise your hardware savings and application performance, with all your data remaining online and no compromise on functionality or user experience.

How PuriPhi is different

A Summit data archiving strategy has traditionally been a balancing act: hardware cost savings and improved performance on one hand, and loss of functionality and ongoing maintenance effort on the other. The PuriPhi solution addresses the traditional functional drawbacks of archiving and hence allows maximum data purging to achieve maximum. PuriPhi manages your archiving requirements flexibly, transparently and robustly and any users or processes that need your archived data retain access to all data, seamlessly combined, via the usual Summit GUI.

How you could benefit

Annual Summit data storage costs can run into hundreds of thousands of Euros.  Even with costs as low as €1 per month per GB, with a typical set of 40 dev/test environments exceeding 500GB, annual storage costs will be in excess of €240,000. Reducing your production database with PuriPhi gives savings on storage costs of up to 80%. Reducing the size of the production database will also see a reduction in time taken to perform read and write operations on the database. This in turn will lead to noticeable performance improvements for users (for example creating new trades or performing interest rate reset actions), as well as significantly improved batch and real time process performance.