Compliance is not the whole story of pressures on financial markets business.
Our Team
Our Business Consulting Practice is led by our Partner, Peter Clark, a highly respected financial market technology strategist and innovator. He has several decades of delivering successful business solutions through innovative uses of technology within FO, Pricing and Risk. These have led to implementation of a variety of cross-asset solutions for major Tier 1 investment banks. Peter has directed a number of demanding and high profile risk related projects for international institutions.
Market Drivers
Regulatory compliance is of course prominent as one of today’s key drivers, manifesting through initiatives including FRTB. But compliance is not the whole story of pressures on financial markets business. While some regulatory demands are just beginning to impact, many other commercial and operational imperatives present an immediate challenge. These include the drive for faster and cheaper innovation, the reduction of time to market and the more efficient handling of data across organisational divisions.
Client Need
For the crucial areas of Pricing and Risk in particular, our clients need technology enabled business solutions that collapse the delivery cycle. Even in a conservative product development climate, they need the competitive advantage of improved ability to bring innovation to market much faster and with lower costs. They need to rationalise their technology to drive costs down while enhancing operational benefits. Above all, they need solutions that can work across asset classes and organisational structures, without constant and costly retooling.
Our Approach
Our approach applies the best technology expertise to each of our client’s unique situations, drawing on our deep experience while avoiding one size fits all solutions.

Our approach applies the best technology expertise to each of our client’s unique situations, drawing on our deep experience while avoiding one size fits all solutions. We solve complex problems without over-promising at the outset. And we never make general assumptions about specific issues. Our Business Consulting Practice consists of some 30 experts working in London, Paris and Frankfurt, as well as more than 70 additional practitioners based in our Bucharest delivery centre. Our experience spans both Business (Business Analyst, Quant Analyst & Developer) and IT (Integration Development, QA, Release & Deployment).

Our Practice supports our clients in the optimisation of everything from their complex FO Models to integration of their downstream trading applications into centralised risk management solutions. Our experience allows us to support both vendor based and home grown solutions, assisting in eliminating weaknesses in current implementations and providing direction to maximise the benefits of investments. Where vendor platforms are involved, we leverage our market leading expertise and experience.

Our core skills lie within the area of Quantitative Integration, where we work on bespoke internal platforms using a proprietary library, or within Fusion CM (Summit, Sophis) and Murex. As financial markets business technologists, we regularly work with innovative technology approaches inspired by the latest DevOps  thinking and other leading edge practices.

Our goal in every situation is to overcome technology obstacles permanently and productively, solving previously intractable problems with sustainable solutions. We aim to enable our clients to make best use of their most specialised and costly resources, including their quant teams. We do this by devising and delivering technology that works robustly across asset classes and internal silos, without the need for constant and costly re-integrations.

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'Proof of Value' Assessment
We offer a number of highly effective technology based services, targeted at overcoming the challenges presented by FRTB and other regulatory drivers. We start with an in-depth review of the as-is situation: Risk Architecture Maturity Assessment and Architecture Review A 'Proof Of Value' assessment (with the objective of enabling a standardised enterprise-wide view of intraday risk & PnL), examining architecture standardisation, DevOps enablement and operational/ process restructuring within current or newly developed Risk Management solutions. Then, in order to address the issues generated by data quality, governance, distribution and the resulting high cost of infrastructure, we offer the following services:
Specific Services
Our range of services:
DevOps Enablement
Our DevOps Enablement Programme supports the delivery of complex change at lower costs and on time, through application of SDLC tools and methods. These minimise or prevent defects in a time constrained development environment, increase productivity and accelerate release delivery.
HPC Enablement
Given the major computational and data storage/ distribution issues associated with FRTB, we provide subject matter expertise and accelerators focussing on Big Data Distribution and in-memory HPC.
Transformation Programme & Project Management
Here, we provide our clients with the benefits of our proven experience of change-the-bank operating models. The Phi Partners’ Business Consulting Practice offers a low-cost delivery model, using our delivery centre in Bucharest to support the design, build, rollout and integration of complete cross-asset risk management solutions.
Pricing &
Risk Solutions

The Phi Partners Business Consulting Practice has developed a series of bespoke Business and IT solutions to help meet the needs of our clients as they deal with the impact of key market drivers.

Based on consolidation of our own methods and tooling to carry out pricing integration and testing, we have introduced two products. These have have delivered significant added value and proved to be critically important to clients: ‘PersisTables™ ‘ is a Quantitative Messaging Layer – QML. It isolates the innovation required by ever changing Quantitative models from the stability needed within core banking technology systems. ‘ClariPhi™’ is a reconciliation tool that enables automation of valuation results and flow management for user numbers ranging from one to a few hundred.

‘PersisTables™ enables users to prototype their data requirements within an environment they are familiar with (Excel) and translate that into the technology space with no added cost. ‘PersisTables™ is already available within Summit to extract trade and market data.

We are currently developing ‘ClariPhi™’ with one of our major clients to enable valuation testing from the early stage of modelling to the latest UAT phases, using either files or ‘No SQL’ Data Lake with the same analysis. ‘ClariPhi™’ also supports output to OLAP cubes (ActiveViam or Excel), tracking exceptions across releases and exporting or interpreting results to test cases.

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Our Impact

From initial advisory engagements to complex full delivery programmes, the Phi Partners’ Business Consulting Practice is making a positive and ongoing impact on the key Risk, Pricing and related challenges faced by our clients. With our vendor technology expertise we have achieved significant transformations of MiSys-based infrastructure, leading to further engagement in related risk areas. With upcoming regulatory impacts to risk management frameworks, we currently support Tier 1 Investment Banks in an advisory capacity, looking at major change across both the IT & Business domains in the context of FRTB requirements. And we are the principal delivery partner for new pricing solutions for two major Tier 1 banks. These solutions are centralised across asset class, with real-time risk and PnL capabilities that fully meet current pricing requirements while preparing for Basel III – FRTB transformation.

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