Our DevOps Enabled Approach
We deliver our approach to DevOps through our Phi Partners T2M (time to market) methodology – a carefully synchronised combination of skilled change management and engineering excellence. By enabling software development and IT operations to work together much more effectively, T2M transforms the promise of innovative approaches into measurably improved performance.

By focusing on improving the delivery abilities of our clients’ people, by streamlining processes to eliminate waste and by optimising the technology landscape, we achieve predictable and sustainable efficiencies and real collaboration between contributors. The result is faster, secure and agile delivery across the SDLC. The reward is optimised relationships between time, cost and quality that deliver enhanced business value.

The Phi Partners Technology Practice realises the promise of DevOps on vendor platforms, including Summit and Murex, as well as working right across the organisational map. Our T2M toolkit includes SAFe, Kanban, ITIL and Lean Six Sigma approaches. And our delivery expertise extends to credit risk and test automation applications, as well as bespoke responses to regulatory demands.