Nearshore Managed Summit Development Service
Nearshore Managed Summit Development Service


Major multinational German investment bank headquartered in Frankfurt.


  • 2012 – ongoing (as of October 2018)
  • Multi-year managed Summit development service
  • including L3 support


One of the most complex global Summit estates:

  • 2 Summit instances (originally 8)
  • more than 1,000 client extensions with significant data model changes
  • 200 interfaces
  • 3,000 batch jobs
  • 5,000 users across more than 12 global locations


Phi has provided a Flexible capacity of senior to expert Developers and Business Analysts with the mechanism for the client to ramp up, ramp down, or change the team mix on a quarterly basis.

  • 8-12 FTE (2018 – 10 FTE)
  • typically around 60% Development and 40% Business Analysis
  • initially with some onshore specialists but purely nearshore since 2016


The team have delivered countless change activities

  • small enhancements
  • mid-sized change (interfaces, regulatory change, modules)
  • large scale projects (multiple upgrades, and OS conversions (Solaris>Linux).


From 2013 – 2015 Phi provided an additional 10 FTE both onshore and nearshore to project manage and deliver Europe’s most complex ever Summit migration, upgrade and consolidation programme (merge of 8 instances, major upgrade, change of GUI, new infrastructure, change of DB technology)