Phi launches PuriPhi: a smart and dedicated Summit data archiving tool that enables up to 80% savings on typical data storage costs, while delivering a series of important performance improvements.

More competitive pricing, reduced risk and a broader addressable client base: successful application of an Agile-based approach delivers the major advantages of CCP Clearing for a large German bank.

Phi is delighted to have completed the first ever installation of Summit 6.0 in Europe together with service-partner IBM. Comments Phi Partners’ Head of Vendor Technology Consulting, Dirk Apel: “Our on- and nearshore expert team have delivered a flawless Summit 6.0 implementation, for an important German financial institution.”

Phi Partners has confirmed the appointments of Marcus Rule and Tom Kozlowski as new Board Members. Marcus brings successful commercial experience, having founded Rule Financial Limited, subsequently acquired by GFT (2014). Tom’s commercial track record includes the co-founding of Cowrie Financial Limited in 2009, where he served as CEO and MD.

Commented Desmond Stockdale, Chief Executive Officer, Phi Partners: “The appointments of Marcus and Tom signal a new and dynamic era in our growth and I look forward to drawing on the experience, energy and entrepreneurial flair that our newest Board Members will bring to our responses to client challenges.”

Highly respected financial markets technology strategist and innovator Peter Clark is co-leading the Phi Partners’ Business Consulting Practice. Peter’s career includes running the Cross Asset Complex Derivatives Quantitative team at HSBC and heading Global Derivatives Quantitative Developments at Lloyds Banking Group.

I started working at Phi Partners one year ago as a Junior Consultant. Working with a world-class bank has been a great challenge as a Junior but people here made sure that I have no issues completing my tasks. With the help of all the training we have, and with the support of my managers, I recently achieved one of my personal goals – I was promoted to Consultant after just one year.

It is a great opportunity for anyone that is passionate about investment banking and capital markets, to actually understand the process in real life and to see how IT supports the business in the money making process.

Phi Partners is great because you get to be part of a team of professionals, people that are very knowledgeable in their field but also fun and interesting to work with. Being a consultancy has the advantage of exposing you to different clients  – top investment banks, operating in different locations and implementing various projects, each more interesting than the last one.

The work is challenging. The challenges come in many shapes. To name a few: working on an enterprise application (Summit), the amount of tech debt, migrations to newer technologies that are ongoing, the number of teams all over the world you work with, dealing with the constraints imposed by existing IT systems and procedures. All these challenges have pushed me to up my game as an engineer.

I joined Phi four years ago because I wanted to do more than just work on a core product. I now have the opportunity to see and understand how big investment banks are using Summit and how it interacts with various other systems. I like the fact that you never get bored and you have the chance to work on a variety of projects, some of them quite challenging, based on client needs. At Phi there is a pleasant working atmosphere, nice colleagues and great social interaction.

I picked IT Consulting because I wanted to learn how investment banking was run from top down, to see the backbone of a bank, learn processes, learn what senior management is looking at. At Phi Partners, we work with top investment banks to enhance their business.

Knowledge within an organisation is only truly powerful when it is shared through communication. That’s why Phi Partners runs a number of ‘share your knowledge’ initiatives. These are informal groups where employees focus on a variety of themes, from the highly technical (Python & Flask, Boost, C++ Advanced Features, Software Engineering, Java FX, Hadoop) to soft-skills training (face-to-face communication, train the trainers, mind mapping etc.).

Phi Partners puts serious emphasis on broadening and deepening our employees’ technical skills. We achieve this through focus on key topics, including ActivePivot, Agile, Summit and Java.

All roles within Phi Partners can benefit from skills acquisition to increase their levels of communication and personal efficiency. The key areas here include influencing skills (communication styles, personal impact), management skills (people management, team leadership, delegation, giving feedback) and time management (planning and prioritising, time management tools).

All our new hires are formally introduced to the organisation through a combination of classroom training, practical exercises, coaching and individual study. The programme is tailored to employee role and level of seniority, experience and background.

Experienced managers provide support, expertise and professional guidance for specific mentees to help grow their careers. Personal and professional development is further supported through structured opportunities to experience a variety of different project work, to experience new technologies and to acquire non-technical skills, such as becoming an interviewer.