Staff Augmentation

Over the last ten years, Phi Partners has become a global focal point for Summit. It is universally known for its world network of Summit experts, range of services and flexible approach. Whether clients need regional delivery at short notice, or to establish a high performing project team quickly, Phi Partners has an intuitive understanding of its clients’ requirements and the market in which they operate. This means that Phi Partners can provide everything from complete outsourced solutions, to single point services and engage with every function in all trading environments.

To ensure we maintain the highest possible standards, we developed QualiPhi, our patented assessment tool that provides independent, objective analysis of an individual’s platform knowledge and experience. In addition, all Phi consultants have access to the Architecture, Development and Engineering Services; and the Advisory and Consulting Service. All consultants are aligned to the Phi Communities of Practice to ensure they deliver best practice on your project.

Whatever your needs, nobody has better connections to the global Summit community than Phi Partners.