Managed Services

Our Managed Services are designed to help financial institutions reduce the total cost of ownership of complex Summit platforms, while maximising their performance. We take on the management of individual elements of the platform, or assume complete responsibility for the whole thing. We commit to strict service level agreements and a clearly defined set of deliverables and operate on a volume-based or fixed priced delivery model.

For a number of clients we provide a complete outsourced Summit service encompassing elements from development to support.

Central to the success of our managed services provision is our Managed Services Centre in Bucharest, where our Summit experts provide critical support to on-site teams. Typically, our Managed Services are run with 20 per cent of the team deployed on site and 80 per cent in Bucharest. This unique delivery model enables us to manage even the most complex technology environment, while creating significant cost savings over the lifetime of the partnership.

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