Phi Partners to host German Summit user group

London, 18 September, 2013 – Phi Partners will be hosting the forthcoming “German Summit User Group” to be held in Munich on September 26th, 2013. Held three times each year, the meeting provides the opportunity for Summit users to dive into current Summit challenges, keep up-to-date with the latest developments, and network with their peers. Phi Partners joined the programme officially earlier this year, when it was invited to speak at the previous session, based on its unrivalled Summit expertise.

The user groups cover a range of Summit-related topics, ranging from a poll of the current top 10 issues or challenges, through to current projects being run by banks. In addition to these core areas, Phi Partners’ Mike Macfarlane, Partner, delivered a presentation on Testing as a Service, while his colleague and fellow Partner James Radley ran a session on Performance Tuning and Advisory Services. Both of these areas have been identified as key topics, as clients upgrade to the latest versions of Summit, which operate on a Misys service pack model.

The user group comprises 11 of the leading banks in Germany and adjacent countries (Nykredit, Aareal Bank, BayernLB, Commerzbank, Deutsche Finanzagentur, FMS, KfW, MHB, Natixis, PBB and Portigon). Chairman of the group is Jean-Louis Washburn of Nykredit. The host of the event is usually chosen from the group on a rotating basis.

Jean-Louis Washburn commented, “Phi Partners’ involvement in our last session was universally deemed to be a success, and we are delighted that they will be hosting and speaking at this forthcoming user group.”

Following the conclusion of this month’s event, Phi Partners will be taking participants for a well-earned break at Oktoberfest – Germany’s famous beer festival.