The best people in the business work with us and we offer the best available projects to work on. We help our employees advance their careers and provide opportunities for challenging, exciting and rewarding work to keep them at the forefront of the industry.

We look for experienced, self-motivated individuals with knowledge of specific technology platforms, IT infrastructure and the broader financial sector. In return for their commitment and hard work, we offer an engaging work culture, exceptional career opportunities, great colleagues and a supportive and rewarding environment. We are passionate about employee development, and all staff members receive ongoing training.

Working at Phi Partners

Our success depends on the quality of our people. Their experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism are our greatest asset. Recruiting, retaining and rewarding the right people is central to what we do. We have leading well respected industry figures that have been in the Phi business for many years running high profile projects for some of the biggest names in the banking world.

We have developed a collaborative, entrepreneurial environment in which innovation and ideas are encouraged. We keep our people connected – even when on a client site. We place a premium on questioning, inquiring, and learning to ensure best practice and to develop our skills. We have created an inclusive working culture, where everyone’s contribution is valued.
Typically we look for people that have knowledge and experience within the Capital Markets space and can demonstrate a willingness to learn, engage with others, be flexible and have a desire to succeed.